Electricity and natural gas consumed on campus make up roughly 50 percent of CSUMB's Greenhouse Gas Impact. The other half of our impact is associated with transportation.

Solar Generation

The campus's 1MW solar photovoltaic generation facility began operation on July 1, 2010. The solar plant meets 16 percent of CSUMB's electrical needs from clean renewable sunlight.

Yesterday, the campus ran % on solar power. The average is 16%.

Getting smart about energy

Thanks to an innovative energy management plan, CSUMB has reduced its energy consumption by 20 percent since 2005. We've done this by installing 3,900 solar panels on campus and retrofitting buildings with more efficient heating/cooling systems and lighting.

Our goal is for the campus to be carbon neutral by 2030, as outlined in the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment. To get there, we need to pay close attention to how we use energy on campus. We've developed a very sophisticated system to monitor campus energy usage, and opened it up so that you can see how much energy we're using -- and generating.

Where does the energy go?

Quickly view some of the more interesting graphs on campus energy use.

More energy reports

You can get a custom report on energy use for any campus building, compare buildings, and see how the weather affects our energy use. Go ahead, play with the data.

All these energy management efforts are under the purview of Facility Services & Operations, who are focused on the planning, operation and optimization of CSUMB's utility distribution and consumption.

Mashup this data

If you're a developer looking to use this data, there's a handy REST API available.
You can also use the export to CSV file link from any browse page to get a one-time export of data.